The Apple Watch 2 is expected to debut at an event next week alongside the iPhone 7. Plenty of details surrounding the second-generation smartwatch have already been spilled, but a new video may confirm a couple of major hardware changes.

Electronics retailer Byte got its hands on some alleged Apple Watch 2 components, including the new battery and display panel. A quick round of testing revealed some major battery upgrades. The new power pack scored a 1.28 WH rating (up from 0.98 for the original Apple Watch battery.

A bigger battery could potentially mean better battery life, which would be a great improvement for the Apple Watch 2. However, it’s also possible the new battery could simply compensate for a faster processor and the addition of built-in GPS. In that case, battery life may not change at all despite the internal upgrade.

As for the display, Byte says it’s “noticeably thinner” that the last model, though the screen size hasn’t changed. That could mean a slimmer Apple Watch 2 overall. It’s also possible the bigger battery inside could balance out the difference, keeping the device’s thickness consistent as a result.

Finally, you can see the new Force Touch gasket for the Apple Watch 2. It’s been updated as well with a fresh layout, but it’s unclear exactly how that will change the overall experience.

Check out the full video below, and stay tuned for the rumored unveiling next week on September 7.