Apple will reportedly discuss the Apple Watch 2 and possibly the oft-rumored iPhone 6c during an event in March, according to a report from 9to5Mac. The new Apple Watch might actually start to focus deeper into the wearer’s health. Early Apple Watch rumors had suggested that was the original intention of the first Apple Watch, which doesn’t provide a bevvy of health-focused sensors, including sleep monitoring capabilities.

9to5Mac suggests that will change with the Apple Watch 2, and points specifically to “new camera, wireless, sleep tracking and health sensor technologies” that might appear in the new model. Those all might help provide a reason for users to upgrade from the original Apple Watch, too.

The iPhone 6c has been mentioned in several recent reports, which suggest it will mark Apple’s return to the 4-inch display. Earlier rumors have pointed to a metal body, perhaps one that looks like the iPhone 5s, but with upgraded internals including an A9 processor. 9to5Mac said other specs should place it “between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s,” which suggests it might also be cheaper than this year’s flagship.

The March timeframe also lines up with earlier reports pointing to an “early 2016” launch for the iPhone 6c, or whatever name Apple ultimately chooses for the phone. We’ll likely hear more as March approaches.