apple-vs-samsungPreceding Apple’s “charitable” licensing offer to Samsung in October 2010, the Cupertino company apparently prepared an exhaustive 90-page warning shot to let the Galaxy S III-maker know it was playing with fire.

According to an August 2010 presentation made public on Friday, Apple composed what it believed were examples of Samsung infringing on dozens of the iPhone maker’s patents, including the ones at issue in the current trial in California. For the most part, the document focuses on the bigger issue at hand, which is Apple’s belief that Android “encourages” other manufacturers to use Apple patented technology.

“The Android software platform makes extensive use of Apple intellectual property… without Apple’s permission,” Apple said. “Samsung’s choice to use Android without a license undermines Samsung’s greater relationship with Apple.”

One of Apple’s crazier claims, something that perfectly encompasses the company’s piddling nature, is the fact that Apple “showed other areas that it said amounted to copying, including the way that the Galaxy S was packaged,” AllThingsD said.

[via AllThingsD]