Apple may be about to become a major player in the mobile health space. The iWatch is already expected to offer a gamut of health-focused sensors, including those that monitor your heart rate, movement, blood oxygen and more. However, Apple is also interested in creating other electronic devices that can keep track of some aspects of your health – likely as a complementary gadget to the alleged iWatch. The latest bit of information is revealed in a patent that was recently granted to Apple.

Titled "Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and/or headsets," the patent describes a piece of gadgetry that can be added to headphones for monitoring a user's activity, temperature, heart rate and perspiration. If you decide not to buy Apple's alleged iWatch, you may be able to use this system to add and monitor data from Apple's rumored Healthbook application inside of iOS 8. A user may also be able to use gesture controls while wearing the headphones to control another device, like an iPod or an iPhone. Some examples include the option to tilt your head to scroll through a list, or nod your head in a "yes" fashion to accept an incoming phone call.

Apple may never end up using this patent to create a real product, though we do know the company is investing a lot in health-focused efforts. If it wants to provide health monitoring options to everyone, including folks who decide not to buy the iWatch, then a set of smart headphones could be just what the doctor ordered.