Apple plans to build its own high-speed network, Bloomberg reports. The company could be looking into several different options, including a new gigabit fiber network and upgraded data centers.

With Cupertino expected to launch two new streaming services for music and live TV by the end of the year, the company will need to make sure data transferring between its data centers is moving at a rapid clip and is reliable. Beefing up its cloud platform could also reduce Apple's reliance on some of its biggest competitors, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Bloomberg explained that Apple wants faster connections between its data centers in Oregon, North Carolina and in Nevada. It also wants to be able to deliver content quicker to "hubs in densely populated markets," Bloomberg said.

Apple spent roughly $1 billion on its data centers last year, according to one report, and it plans to spend $3.9 billion on new centers this year. The company is also reportedly developing a new system using open source software and specially made servers.

For Apple fans, this should all add up to better and more reliable services in the future, and fewer outages for major products, like iCloud and iMessage.