4K video streams are just now starting to take off thanks to original content from Netflix and Amazon, which are helping to lead the industry into providing consumers with a reason to upgrade TV sets. Apple might have been an early player had its plans taken off as early as 2013, according to new documents revealed by Wikileaks that are related to the Sony breach.

As AppleInsider notes, an agreement between Apple and Sony was published in the leak, and it shows specifically that Apple was interested in preparing or testing the ability to stream 4K video content to consumers, presumably through the Apple TV. The agreement says Sony was set to include “feature films and television episodes on a video-on-demand and digital delivery home entertainment basis in 4K or “Ultra High Definition” resolution or format.”

While it was explored that early, it doesn’t mean Apple ever ditched the idea.

In fact, we’re still waiting on a new Apple TV, and it would seem like a big oversight if Apple didn’t include support for some sort of 4K video streaming. Sony would obviously be a key partner in helping to provide some of that content, though Netflix would also probably allow Apple TV owners to stream UHD content through the Apple TV app.

We were hoping for a mention of the Apple TV during WWDC 2015 earlier month, but it wasn’t mentioned at all. Apple’s next set top box is expected to offer a redesigned remote, its own app store, integration with Siri and, if Apple can pull it off, a new Apple TV streaming service.