Apple vs Samsung - Rock em Sock em Robots

Judge Lucy Koh, the Judge, who has been presiding over the bitter patent battle between Apple and Samsung (and vice versa), has called on the two companies to attempt to settle out of court before the 10-person jury begins to make its decision on which firm is at fault, and for what. "It's time for peace," she said in court on Wednesday. "I see risks here for both sides," she added.

Judge Koh asked the two firms to "speak to each other at least once on the phone," before the jury begins discussing the final verdict, Reuters explained. Samsung has been spending its time this week defending its allegations that Apple copied its patented technology. Most of last week was spent with Apple arguing that Samsung had infringe on its design and utility patents. The trial is set to last four weeks and originally kicked off with Apple asking for more than $2.5 billion in damages and an injunction against Samsung's "copycat products."

Apple appeared to have the most convincing argument at first, when it revealed internal Samsung documents that said the iPhone would be "easy to copy." It also showed the similarities between Samsung's Android UI and its own iOS user interface. Samsung, for its part, argued that Apple didn't create multitouch functionality and that the idea had already been on the market before the iPhone was released in 2007. It has also continued to argue that Apple's products infringe on its own utility patents.

It remains unclear if the two firms will attempt to settle or if the jury will ultimately decide the fate of the case.

[via Reuters]