Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Apps

The latest Apple vs. Samsung trial came to a close last night, and while there is still some business to be settled on Monday morning – Apple found one infringing device that the jury did not assigned a damage amount to – we know which devices the jurors ruled on.

We’ve made a couple scorecards for you for each side of the trial so you can easily see which products were accused of infringing, and which ones the jurors ultimately decided had indeed done so.

Legend to the scorecards:

  • O – Item was accused of infringing, but jury found that it did not.
  • X – Item was found to have infringed that patent.

Patents Apple accused Samsung devices of violating:

  • ‘172 – Predictive text
  • ‘414 – Background data syncing (calendars, email, contacts etc)
  • ‘647 – Quick links (converting data in messages into clickable actions such as URLs)
  • ‘721 – Slide-to-unlock
  • ‘959 – Universal search

Apple Samsung Scorecard

Patents Samsung accused Apple devices of violating:

  • ‘239 – Video transmission functionality
  • ‘449 – Camera and folder organization

Apple Samsung Apple Scorecard

While there are certain to be appeals, and this case will drag on for some time to come, this is how things stand at this time.