Last month, a retrial on the seven-year legal battle between Apple and Samsung saw the the former eek out a $539 million verdict for design patent violations by the latter. As was expected, Samsung is not taking the decision lying down, filing a motion to have the verdict thrown out.

This latest turn ensures the legal battle continues for a while longer. Apple and Samsung have been at odds ever since Apple started a legal war over Samsung copying its iPhone design patents back in 2011. After multiple verdicts, overturns and retrials, the battle has persisted.

The most recent trial awarded Apple $533 million for three design patents Samsung violated and an additional $5.3 million for two utility patents.

Samsung continues to argue its main points that led its case in the courtroom, citing the “article of manufacture” it was found to have violated were specific to the components, not Apple’s iPhone. In its motion, it says that the verdict should not exceed the $28 million mark, a tiny fraction of the original $539 million settlement.

Apple will have to respond to the motion by June 21 with the next hearing in the case scheduled for July 26.