While the ability to add extensions has existed in Safari since the beginning of the summer, there has been no official source for them until now.  You will now find a link in your browser which will take you to the officially approved Apple extensions for their browser, and you can install them directly from there without a need to restart the program.

safari extensionsSo far the selection is pretty small, but some of the usual suspects are already there with The Weather Channel, Amazon, Twitter and so on.  The surprising bit is that Apple likes a “clean” looking browser, as it does with all of its various products, so the idea of cluttering it up with lots of extensions seemed an odd match.  We quickly installed a couple to see how it would change the look, and to be honest it took us a few seconds to spot The Weather Channel button when we first got notified it was installed.  Thus far the extensions are very unobtrusive, and we imagine they will stay that way, but what happens after you add a dozen or so?

This becomes a much more intriguing concept when you consider the extensions are written in HTML5 and CSS, so there is really no reason we couldn’t see the mobile version of Safari on the various iOS products also receive access to them.  Only time will tell on that front.

What say you?  Are you excited for Safari extensions?