Podcasts app - Tech on the Range

Apple has updated its Podcasts app to version 1.2 to today with some new features that users will enjoy.

The Podcasts app has had its detractors due to it downloading episodes without the users realizing it, and hence running up data bills on their cellular plans, but it looks like Apple is doing what it can to make this an essential app for those that enjoy podcasts. There is nothing worse than hopping in the car for a long road trip and realizing you not only forgot to sync the latest episode of Tech on the Range, but that you set up the playlist on a different device. Podcasts will now keep all of your data and episodes in sync across all of your devices.

The complete list of changes from Apple includes:

  • Create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes
  • Choose whether your stations begin playing with the newest or oldest unplayed episode
  • Your stations are stored in iCloud and kept up-to-date on all of your devices
  • Create an On-The-Go playlist with your own list of episodes
  • Playlists synced from iTunes now appear in the Podcasts app
  • The Now Playing view has been redesigned with easier to use playback controls
  • Addressed an issue with resuming playback when returning to the app
  • Additional performance and stability improvements

If you've never set up the Podcasts app, now might be the time… and make sure to add Tech on the Range while you're at it!