Apple has released a swift and concise update to squash OS X's adware problem we heard about on Thursday. Known as Yontoo, the adware targeted major browsers by displaying unwanted ads while a user would browse the Web. But Apple has already updated its Xproject anti-malware system to detect Yontoo's shenanigans.

"Apple has decided the Yontoo Adware has fallen too far on the side of undesirable behavior, as they have released an update to the XProject.plist definitions file to provide Max OS X with basic detection for the Yontoo adware as OSX.AdPlugin.i," said security firm Intego.

Apple updates its Xproject tools routinely to protect users against threats, and it seems Yontoo is no longer an issue for now. The company also employs Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion to further protects users from malicious software.

While Yontoo was a very minor threat that required users to agree to a download, any sort of malicious software is never taken lightly.