iOS 4.1 for iPhone/iPod Touch

Apple has been updating the developer's kit for iOS 4.1 often, however they haven't shared much information in the way of new features.  Apple offered a glimpse of what new features the new software will give to current iPhone and iPod touch users.

The new OS will be available for iPhones sometime next week and will fix many of the current bugs. Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned that 4.1 will fix the proximity sensor issue that has plagued some iPhone 4's, as well as the sluggish software behavior on the iPhone 3G. A fix will also be available to fix a bug within Apple's Bluetooth system.

One of the most interesting features includes the new HDR–High Dynamic Range imaging tool. With HDR activated in the iPhone's camera, it will take a set of three shots with varying degrees of exposure (known as bracketing) and then assemble the three images into one final picture that has the best elements of the three images.

Apple will be finally adding Game Center to the mix.  The Game Center's sole purpose is to enable multi-player gaming. Jobs noted that users can see what their friends are playing, join games, or can be paired with strangers when no one else is available to play.

Some of the other iOS 4.1 features include the ability to upload HD video via Wi-Fi. iOS 4.0.2 limits HD uploads to when the iPhone is attached to a computer. This new feature will make it easier to share HD video content.

iOS 4.2 for iPad

iOS 4.2 will be specifically pointed towards the iPad.  It will offer the newest features of iOS 4.0 and 4.1 to the iPad including folders, multitasking, Game Center and adds the ability to print wireless and stream video and audio within your Wi-Fi network.

Jobs demonstrated how iOs 4.2 works with the iPad and how it can be integrated Apple's new Apple TV.

iOS 4.2 won't be available for the iPad until November.