Apple is putting a lot of trust into its customers hands. The company is stopping its practice of tethering iPhones to demo desks.

The Regent Street store in London is the first Apple Store with untethered iPhones. MacRumors said Apple will do the same at its store in Toronto and at another in Yorkdale. Presumably, it will begin to untether iPhones in other locations, too.

The thought, it seems, is that this will give consumers a richer demo experience while testing out a new iPhone. If it’s not strapped down to anything, consumers can use the phone like it was their own. Perhaps this will encourage sales.

Why this matters:

Tethering prevents theft of iPhones. Now that devices aren’t locked down, it’s possible for customers to walk out with a demo unit. Apple can use remote software to disable the devices if they’re stolen.

Other products, such as MacBooks and iPads, are still on lockdown, MacRumors said.