Rumors have circulated for a while now that Apple would be releasing a major update to the Apple TV this week, but now it appears it could be more of a minor one.

MG Siegler, formally of TechCrunch, had been one of the sources saying that the Apple TV would be receiving an update at tomorrow’s Apple event that would show off an entirely new control scheme. Siegler has now said he feels “the need to pour a little — just a little, mind you — cold water on the rumor fire” as he believes that the update will be more of a minor one. He believes that the controls aren’t quite ready for the public and that it is more likely we will see a minor update at the event including things like a new processor, but that the all new controls will be held back for another time.

When exactly we could see those new controls is up in the air, and even the skipping of the new controls tomorrow is not necessarily a done deal as of yet. We’ll learn more at Apple’s event as it unfolds, but unlike the leaks that have popped up all over for the fifth generation iPad and the iPad mini’s second generation, it looks like the Apple TV portion of the event will indeed be a mystery until the last moment.