Apple TVRumors of Apple’s jump into the television market have run rampant ever since Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs was released in late October. Apparently, Jobs had told Isaacson he “finally cracked” how to integrate a simple UI that would seamlessly sync with a user’s iDevices and iCloud, making it easier to use over today’s complex remotes. Other than what Jobs said, do we have any solid evidence an Apple Television is on its way? No. But another rumor is further kindling the fire.

A new claim coming out of Smarthouse says that an Apple Television is indeed on its way, and in three different sizes to boot (ranging from 32 to 55-inches). The biggest bit? It’ll come equipped with the same new processor set to appear in the iPad 3.

According to major sources involved in manufacturing the unannounced TVs, Apple’s 55-inch model is set to compete against Smart TV offerings coming out of the Samsung and LG camps. “Smart TVs from Samsung and LG will have new processors built in while offering a combination of OLED display, as well as new Super HD TV technology from LG.”

Industry analysts have made some wide-ranging claims when it comes to Apple’s unannounced project, the biggest being Siri integration. Three different sizes with the iPad 3’s processor? It’s hard to say if Smarthouse is on base with these assertions – MacRumors said in its write up that the Australia-based publication has generally been unreliable with previous Apple rumors.

Three different television sizes would make sense in order to meet a wider consumer base. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently backed up the three different sizes claim, and also said Apple’s TV offering will come with the iTV moniker and hit in time for the US 2012 holiday season.

If we do see the rumored iTV in our homes, the device will reportedly allow for seamless access to televisions shows through current cable providers, companies like Netflix and iTunes downloads.

What kind of experience do you want out of an Apple Television?