Apple unveiled its new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S yesterday, and even provided a launch date for iOS 7, but it didn't talk about a lot of other products. Apple TV, for example, wasn't discussed at all. It's not being ignored entirely, though. In fact, a new report from AllThingsD suggests a software update is coming the day Apple releases iOS 7 to the public.

Apparently Apple has a few software enhancements that will be applied to the Apple TV on Sept. 18. AllThingsD says that includes a new AirPlay feature that allows you to stream your purchased content on someone else's television. Like a Chromecast, you'll reportedly be able to tell Apple TV to pull down a movie, TV show or music from iCloud, instead of streaming it direct from your device. We imagine — though this is purely speculation — that Apple also has plans to flatten the Apple TV user interface to look more like iOS 7. It's unclear if that will happen so soon, though we imagine it's on the docket for the future.

It sounds like Apple is going to quietly introduce this update, though we expect it to take the stage again fairly soon to discuss updates to its iPad family. Perhaps we'll hear more on its Apple TV "hobby" at that point as well.