Jean-François Mulé apple iTV

As the market for streaming media and set top boxes continues to grow, Apple is expected to amp up its own Apple TV offerings in response to products from longtime rival Google as well as Roku and other newcomers. This week, Cupertino indicated some big updates in the future after it was revealed the company hired Cable TV executive Jean François Mulé as an engineering director.

Mulé broke the news himself earlier this week, updating his LinkedIn account with the new position and noting that he will be "challenged, inspired and part of something big." Considering his long career in the television industry, it seems clear Mulé will be involved in Apple's next entry into the streaming TV market, though it's unclear exactly what that product will be.

Popular opinion suggests Apple is planning a massive update to its current Apple TV, a box top device that offers multiple channels of streaming content. The company has been pushing out smaller updates to the product at a fast pace recently, but a full redesign would likely introduce new software that tie Apple TV, iCloud and iOS devices into a single ecosystem.

It's also possible Mulé may be involved in developing the long-rumored iTV, an Apple-designed television that could launch as soon as next year according to the latest rumors.