Rumors are once again beginning to churn that the Apple TV may appear with its long overdue refresh.

According to multiple sources speaking with BuzzFeed, the long gestating Apple TV refresh is still very much in the cards and may make its debut as soon as this Sept. along side the new iPhones. While many sources thought the Apple TV would show up at WWDC back in June, apparently Apple decided to hold it back to make a few more refinements. Apparently the current design of the device – which hasn’t been refreshed since 2012 – is similar to the previous model, but slimmer.

According to these rumors, however, what won’t show up in Sept. is the long rumored paid Apple TV service. Apparently it is not yet dead, but there are still some hurdles to get over and it will make its debut some time in 2016.

The Apple TV debuting in the fall actually makes more sense than the previous June rumor as that will allow it to hit store shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season. With iPhones expected in Sept., and an iPad refresh rumored for Oct., the addition of the Apple TV to that line up could make for a very lucrative holiday season for Apple.

At this point Sept. is just a rumor for the Apple TV announcement, and considering how many of these rumors we’ve been through over the past year things could still change. That being said, Sept. does make an awful lot of sense from a business perspective.