Apple TV - Generic - 012

The Loop's Jim Dalrymple on Friday shared a nugget of wisdom that goes against everything we've heard up until this point. In response to a report about the possibility of a new Apple TV coming soon, Dalrymple seemed to suggest the Cupertino company won't actually release a revamped set-top box this spring, conflicting many other reports suggesting otherwise. The passage in the report Dalrymple highlights could indicate many things; it could simply be down to interpretation.

One possible interpretation could be that Dalrymple doesn't believe Apple's $25 iTunes gift card promotion is related to an imminent Apple TV refresh. If so, a revamp could still be on the way, as evidence suggests. Or, perhaps, the rumored refresh isn't as imminent as some people believe it is, despite previous reports. It's difficult to tell when Dalrymple responds with a single word. But when he breaks silence, he's typically right with his information. Last year, when rumors suggested Apple would hold an iPad event on Oct. 22, Dalrymple responded with, "Yep," and was spot on.

We can't conclusively say whose information is correct – Dalrymple's or the multiple reports from 9to5Mac that suggest the opposite. Judging by Tim Cook's comments on Apple TV today, saying the segment is "no longer a hobby," it sure sounds like the Cupertino company is committed to the Apple TV's future. The plot has thickened. With March just around the corner, we should find out pretty soon here whether a new model is indeed on the way.