apple tv amazon

Alongside new versions of the iPad and iPad Mini, Apple is expected to unveil a redesigned version of Apple TV at its planned special event on Oct. 22. Now we may have confirmation that the company will release a new media streaming device thanks to Amazon’s French and German websites, which list the current model as out of stock until Oct. 23.

Of course there’s no guarantee that Amazon’s listings have anything to do with Apple’s actual plans. This is a gigantic retail company juggling millions of pieces of inventory, so it’s just as likely the shipping delay on Apple TV has nothing to do with Apple’s event next week. We’re still hoping for a revamped version of the set-top box though, so if you’re about to buy one we’d recommend waiting just a little bit longer.

Apple was ahead of the curve with its first Apple TV, which it released in early 2007, but today the company faces fierce competition from all sides in the media streaming market. We’re expecting a redesigned device with improved hardware and software, though exactly what the company has planned for its little black puck remains a mystery, with some suggesting iOS integration or Siri-based voice commands.