Apple TV - Generic - 003

Apple is now providing a $25 iTunes Gift Card with every purchase of its Apple TV in Apple Store retail locations, according to a report from 9to5Mac on Friday. That's a significant offer if you've been holding out on buying one of the streaming media gadgets, but it also points to something very important: that a new Apple TV may be on the way.

Apple's offer is likely an incentive to sell off additional inventory to make room for the rumored new Apple TV, which may be announced as soon as March. Reports also from 9to5Mac have suggested that Apple may add in router capabilities, support for TV input, new applications, a focus on gaming and more, when it introduces the new product. The next Apple TV may also have a revamped user interface that allows you to navigate TV channels provided by the cable input.

9to5Mac also said that Apple's current deal will end on March 5. That date, paired with a recent Best Buy leak, suggests that a new model could be coming right around early March, at which point the existing model may see an even steeper price drop. Apple has so far not announced any upcoming events, but we hope to hear news on that front in the coming days.