Apple Store TV 3

The Apple TV set top box has now surpassed a total of 13 million units sold, half of those coming in the past year alone.

Speaking at the All Things D conference yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook touched on sales of the Apple TV, a device that the company continues to refer to as a "hobby." The last firm numbers announced on the device was in the Apple quarterly report from Jan. 23 when the company stated that it had sold 2 million units during the holiday quarter. During the April 23 report the device was not addressed, and our requests for sales numbers from Apple went unanswered, leaving us in the dark as to how the Apple TV was performing at this time.

"For several years we were selling a few hundred thousand. We've now sold 13 million — about half of those in the last year," Cook said of the device. He went on to add, "It's been good for customers, but also for learning for Apple. Customers would agree there are things about television that aren't so great."

Of course this led to questions about the long rumored Apple television set which Cook continues to be coy about.

How Apple can continue to refer to Apple TV is a hobby is a mystery to just about everyone. The device has been on the market for just over six years and has sold 13 million units while Roku, which makes a similar product, recently celebrated selling 5 million units in just under five years. The difference here being that the latter has built an entire company on far smaller numbers.

We look forward to the day Apple considers Apple TV more than just a hobby.