Apple officially dropped the price of the Apple TV down to $69 during its Spring Forward event in March. That's a huge hint that it's probably about to refresh the device with the long anticipated new version of the Apple TV, which is expected to have its own app store and maybe even a streaming TV service. Don't own the current one yet? You might want to head to Target.

The retailer is currently selling the Apple TV for $69 with a $10 Target gift card. The way I see it, that means you can buy the Apple TV and about 8 candy bars in the checkout aisle, all for the same price you'd be paying for an Apple TV anywhere else — but with the bonus of a bunch of snacks for your impending HBO binge.

You're probably pretty safe with this model for at least a few months, too. Rumor has it the new Apple TV might not be announced until the annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in June, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the box before regifting it to someone once the new model hits.