Apple said Thursday that it will hold a press conference on September 9. While most consumers may be waiting for the new iPhones, Apple will also reportedly unveil its refreshed Apple TV. A report on Friday described a bit of what we can expect.

TechCrunch said its sources described a new set-top box with an A8 processor, the same one that resides inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Except, since the Apple TV will have a constant source of power and will not be at the mercy of a battery, the applications could be much more robust than what's available on iPads and smartphones. For that reason, TechCrunch said Apple plans to also release an SDK so that developers can create a whole batch of new experiences.

One new way consumers will interact with the Apple TV is reportedly through a redesigned remote with motion controls, similar to what we've seen on gaming consoles. The remote will also reportedly feature a touchpad, Siri voice controls and physical buttons, features that were also highlighted in earlier reports.

TechCrunch didn't dive into too much detail on Apple's supposed streaming TV service or where that stands, but said that Apple probably delayed the TV from WWDC because it wanted to focus on polish. We'll find out how much wax it applied come September 9.