Don’t ever let Apple tell you its Apple TV is just a hobby. The Cupertino-based company on Wednesday officially took the wraps off its new set-top box, showing great intent to take over your living room. We’ve heard numerous rumors about the device over the past few months, and Apple finally found time out of its busy schedule to reveal the juicy details. Let’s dive right in shall we?

Before introducing the new Apple TV, Apple said that the future of TV is going to be about applications, and those are going to be a central part of the Apple TV thanks to its new tvOS software. Users will interact with the TV through Siri voice controls, or through a new controller that has buttons and a touchpad and will also double as a gaming controller. Hold down the Siri button, and you’ll be able to ask for something like “Movies with Tom Cruise,” or “funny TV shows.” You can navigate through the listings with the glass trackpad at the top of the controller with a simple swipe.

Some new features include custom screen savers shot by Apple, a brand new menu with access to movies, TV shows, Apple Music (finally), photos, and the app store. Siri can be used for everything, too, from searching for movies to opening music or even asking the weather forecast. Apple revamped its applications, but others like Netflix and Hulu have been revamped already, too. Additional developers, as they gain access to the Apple TV’s tvOS, will be able to update in the future.

Other features include a 64-bit A8 chip, HDMI-out, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 and more. The 32GB model will cost $149 while the 64GB model will cost $199. It will be available in late October.