It’s been seven months since the fourth generation Apple TV was released, and one app that remains conspicuously absent is Amazon Prime. Thanks to comments made by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, now we know why.

Speaking during CodeCon on Tuesday, Bezos revealed Prime still isn’t available because the two companies have yet to reach “acceptable business terms.” That’s basically a friendlier way of saying the two companies are sparing over money, and neither seems likely to budge without the other acquiescing.

Late last year, a report claimed Amazon was close to bringing its Prime service to Apple’s latest set-top box, but that obviously hasn’t happened. It’s unclear which company is stalling, but it doesn’t really matter; it’s the customers who are ultimately losing out.

When pushed on why Prime isn’t available for the new Apple TV, Bezos said, “Private business discussions should stay private.” That would suggest discussions are ongoing, so there’s still a chance we could see an app in the near future. For now, Apple TV owners can Airplay content from Prime using their iOS or Mac device.