Apple TV in the Woods - 01

Apple TV received several new channels on Tuesday and one app update that you'll want to take note of, again showing how Apple is continuing to bolster its affordable set-top box offering.

First up is a brand new ABC News app. It's different than the WatchABC application that has already been available in that it doesn't require you to also have a cable subscription, though it's also not as powerful. ABC News will deliver hourly updates, on-demand video content and highlights from popular shows like Nightline, 20/20, This Week 24/7, World News and Good Morning America.

Additionally, first spotted by 9to5Mac, there's a new AOL On application. We tested it real quick and it provides quick access to breaking news clips, the ability to watch a select number of shows, like My Ink and Anthony Eats America and more. Willow, an Apple TV app for keeping up with cricket matches, has also been added, as has PBS Kids. Finally, there's also a new Flickr application that allows you to explore photos, view your Flickr account and search for content.

We booted up our Apple TV and all of the new stations were there automatically, so you shouldn't have to do any legwork to check out ABC News, AOL Go, Willow TV, PBS Kids or the new Flickr app right now.