Apple Store TV 6

Not exactly on schedule with the rumors, but Apple on Friday pushed out a pretty significant update to its Apple TV set top box. In the midst of the iPhone mayhem, Apple's little black hockey puck, updated to 6.0, is now capable of streaming iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud photos and videos, iTunes Music Store and Podcasts. The features don't in any way change the world of TV like rumors might have suggested, but the additions could be a prelude to something bigger next month.

The Apple TV, still considered a hobby product by Apple, is now more consistent with the company's brand new mobile OS, iOS 7. The addition of iTunes Radio is fairly obvious, as its one of the biggest features of iOS 7, and the other features, like AirPlay from iCloud, will only help to push Apple TV's capabilities; the convenience of beaming content from the cloud to another person's Apple TV will be huge.

Apple didn't announce any new Apple TV developments at its iPhone event last week, but reports claim the company has a hardware refresh on the way. Will we see something of note at its rumored event in the middle of October? We'll find out soon enough.