Now, the device’s existence hasn’t been confirmed per se. But the set-top box has apparently appeared in developer logs, which is usually good indication a product is on the way.

A reference to AppleTV 6,2 was found kicking around in usage logs—and it was reportedly being tested in and around Cupertino, which is where Apple calls home. For context, the current Apple TV carries an identifier of AppleTV 5,3.

Bloomberg previously reported Apple was gearing up to release a new Apple TV with 4K video support—but not much else. Most other competing set-top boxes support 4K video already, so it was only a matter of time before Apple joined the party. As usual, the company is fashionably late.

What’s new in tvOS 11?

With new hardware, we can also expect new software. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what tvOS 11 will have to offer. Could it introduce Apple’s long-rumored streaming TV service? Will it bake cookies? As of now, anything is possible.

The fact that a new Apple TV is being tested indicates an announcement isn’t far off. With dates already set for WWDC in June, my guess is we’ll hear something then.