Alongside the new Apple TV 4K, Apple introduced a slightly updated version of tvOS. It's not a major overhaul of the platform; however, the company is focusing on a trend taking place in the home. Apple is adding more live programming to its set-top boxes, namely in the form of news and sports.

People are moving away from traditional subscriptions to television providers. Instead they're signing up for live television streaming services. While Apple doesn't have it's own offering yet, it's allowing companies to now integrate live television on Apple TV.

ESPN and other channels are partnering with Apple to offer access to live programming through the TV app on Apple TV. For the sports network, Apple TV will show a real-time grid of games taking place around the world. If you want to watch one on an ESPN-affiliated channel, you can jump right in.

Other software improvements for tvOS include 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision support. You will, however, need to own the new Apple TV 4K. Apple redesigned the user interface specifically for the higher resolution, so previous models of the set-top box won't enjoy that benefit.