Apple’s latest set-top box is a serious upgrade from previous generations. It’s capable of streaming content in 4K, HDR, and 60 frames per second. That’s why the Apple TV 4K has the A10X Fusion for its processor, which is also found in the iPad Pro. A ton of horsepower is necessary to stream content in such a high resolution but don’t worry; the Apple TV 4K doesn’t get very hot while in use.

The team at iFixit did their teardown of the Apple TV 4K, and it revealed the type of things being done to prevent overheating.

With new thermal venting on the bottom is joining a larger fan. The Apple TV 4K should remain cool throughout your weekend-long streaming extravaganzas. The fan is merged with the heat sink for improved cooling, and the improved ventilation allows for more heat to exit the set-top box quicker than before. Apple is using a fan so big that it has nearly the same diameter as the width of the set-top box itself. And, yes, it is replaceable. So you won’t have to buy a new Apple TV 4K if the fan ever slows down or fails.

Overall, iFixit gave the set-top box an 8 out of 10 rating for repairability. The advantages included plastic clips and modular components for easy access, a fix-friendly power supply, and standard Torx screws keeping the Apple TV 4K together. Only one disadvantage was listed, and that’s the fact that the major components are soldered to the logic board and thus make fixing ports difficult.

The Apple TV 4K is available now for $179 with 32GB of storage or $199 with 64GB of storage.