If you’re a fan of Star Wars and Marvel movies, don’t expect to watch them in UHD on the new Apple TV 4K.

One of the big announcements from Apple during the event on Tuesday was that it had partnered with major Hollywood studios to bring 4K versions of films to the new Apple TV. The copies will sell for the same price as the HD versions, and if you already own the films you will receive free upgrades to the UHD versions.

Unless it falls under the Disney umbrella of films.

Apple and Disney have a long and close relationship with Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger even sitting on Apple’s board of directors. Yet, somehow, the House of Mouse is not one of the studios jumping on the 4K bandwagon with Apple. This all includes all of the Star Wars and Marvel films as Disney owns both properties.

Disney does currently offer its films in 4K on platforms such as Vudu where they sell for $24.99, so it’s not a matter of the content not already existing.

There had been numerous reports of the Hollywood studios being reluctant to jump on board with the plan and sources have said the negotiations came down to the 11th-hour to get them onboard. Why Disney is the lone holdout out of the top studios is certainly a mystery, and according to The Wall Street Journal, neither party is currently offering up an explanation.

It is certainly possible that Disney could be added down the road, but for now, you’ll just have t enjoy your favorite Star Wars films in just plain old HD.