Waze is perhaps best known for its social traffic sharing capabilities. If you’re in traffic, you can boot up the app and let everyone know that someone has a flat tire, or that a lane is closed. Apple, knowing that its Maps solution right now is pretty awful, apparently tried to buy the company. TechCrunch first reported on the news earlier this week, noting a $500 million bid price, but then another writer with the same site said it never happened.

So what really happened? Did Apple try to buy Waze or not? Do we even care? As it turns out, according to TNW, Apple did indeed try to buy the startup company, but Waze shot down the offer. Why? TNW said that Waze received several bids from companies interested in acquiring its technology, so it’s possible that Apple’s wasn’t the best deal. Or maybe the firm just doesn’t want to sell off yet and has bigger plans for the future.

At this point Apple is probably doing all it can to improve its Maps experience. I know I personally use Google Maps on my iPhone 5. Do you think a Waze acquisition would have even helped the situation much? I can’t really see how it would have.