It looks like Apple’s brought their media events up to speed, announcing that tomorrow September 1st they’ll be sending out a live feed to instantly bring you all of Apple’s latest news.  Years back, Apple used to regularly stream their media events, reining it in sometime in the early 2000’s.  Does this mean Apple’s news is bigger than just some iPod refreshes?  We’ll find out tomorrow when the event kicks off around 10:00am PDT.


If you’re mouth is watering for more than the traditional tech liveblog from inside the event, head on over to and grab a seat anywhere there’s a Mac running Safari or pull out your iOS device if you’re on the go.  It looks like PC users are left out in the cold on this one.   If you’ll be stuck at work, school, or anywhere else, follow Jon4Lakers & TechnoBuffalo on Twitter for live coverage and check back after the event for all the details on Apple’s announcements.

Apple’s Media Alert can be found on their website, complete with mini-resume to wrap it up.  If you’ve got any last minute curveballs you want to throw at us, drop ‘em in the comments before it’s too late!