Apple announced it will introduce an updated site for managing Apple IDs in the coming months. The announcement comes as Facebook is dealing with growing concerns about privacy.

The incoming updated Apple ID site will let users download a copy of all their data stored with the company. More overarching controls over an Apple account will also be introduced. Users will be able to deactivate their account or completely delete it. As of right now, accomplishing some of these tasks proves to be quite arduous or isn’t available at all through the Apple ID site.

It’s worth noting that Apple isn’t doing this out of the goodness of its heart. The new privacy controls comes as part of Apple complying with European Union regulation for its General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enacted starting May 25. Even so, it’s a welcome perk for Apple users to have so much control over the information Apple uses.

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 11.3 that too came a focus on privacy. A new privacy splash screen was introduced that lets users know when Apple needs to use their personal information.

Apple’s new Apple ID updates will become available to users in Europe in May. The rest of the world will get the update in the ensuing weeks.