Apple logoBreak out the salt, but only a little bit of it, as it appears we may have a potential target date for the announcement of the iPhone 5.

According to Japanese news source Kodawarisan, the date of September 7 has been selected for an Apple media event, but as to what we will actually see there is not known.  The prevailing rumor, of course, is the introduction of the iPhone 5, iOS 5 and iCloud, with a potential for a smattering of new iPod releases.  Traditionally the early September events have been strictly about the music player, but with the delay of the new iPhone this year, it looks like they may be sharing the stage with the iPhone announcement.

As for the rumors of an iPad 3 or iPad HD being announced on this date as well, that appears to be getting less likely by the day.

How reliable this date is remains to be seen, but Kodawarisan said it was from a source in a postion to know.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  If the true date, we should know by the end of this month or the first day or two of September.

What do you think of this being the potential announcement date for the iPhone 5?

UPDATE: The Loop has said their sources at Apple have said that the Sept. 7 date is not accurate, but offered no information beyond that.

[via MacRumors]