iPhone 5s Touch ID Demo

We find that TouchID works well most of the time, though there are other times when it doesn't recognize a print as easily. Apparently this problem is called "Fade" and is experienced with the technology that's provided by AuthenTec – a company owned by Apple. Basically, after using TouchID to recognize your fingerprint, the system may start to fail to recognize it months later. According to AppleInsider, Apple is aware of the issue and is working on pushing out a fix.

We've actually experienced a bit of the "fade" here at TechnoBuffalo. When I first purchased the iPhone 5s after it launched, I set it up to recognize the prints on both of my thumbs. They worked well for a while, but today it takes several tries for the system to recognize my left thumbprint, while my right print still works perfectly fine. AppleInsider said it's possible that we'll see a fix inside iOS 7.1, expected in the coming weeks, possibly in March, but that it wasn't able to confirm it will ship in that update.

It's not a huge problem – you can always just re-register your fingerprints – but it should improve the experience overall so that you can rely on using TouchID for longer periods of time.