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Apple may be building the Mac Pro in the United States, but the company's plans for U.S. job growth and manufacturing don't just stop there. Arizona, in partnership with Apple, recently revealed the firm's plans to build a brand new manufacturing plant in the state, complete with solar power so that it runs on 100 percent renewable energy.

"Apple will have an incredibly positive economic impact for Arizona and its decision to locate here speaks volumes about the friendly, pro-business climate we have been creating these past four years," Arizona governor Janice Brewer said. "Their investment in renewable energy will also be greening our power grid, and creating significant new solar and geothermal power sources for the state."

Apple will also help create jobs in Arizona. According to Brewer, Apple's Mesa facility itself should open up about 700 new jobs, while the construction alone will provide jobs for 1,300 additional people. Apple did not reveal what it will use the facility for, though we presume it will either continue assembling Mac Pros there, or an entire new product line.