Apple on Monday revealed plans to build a new $2 billion global command center in Mesa, Arizona, according to CNBC.

It's the latest move as part of a larger promise made by Apple to help bring more jobs to the United States, and it follows on the heels of a failed investment in GT Advanced Technologies, also based in Arizona, where the firm planned to make sapphire. The building, which will serve as a data center, will be powered by renewable energy.

"This multibillion-dollar project is one of the largest investments we've ever made, and when completed it will add over 600 engineering and construction jobs to the more than one million jobs Apple has already created in the U.S," Apple said, according to CNBC. Those figures represent as many as 500 new construction jobs and up to 150 new Apple employees who will work in the facility.

It appears that the plant is the same 1.3-million square foot structure that was originally supposed to house sapphire manufacturing, though it will clearly require a facelift in order to serve its new purpose.

"[Apple's] decision to bring this new facility to Mesa is a huge win for Arizona and a high testament to our business-friendly climate and talented workforce," Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said.

It's unclear when the new data center will open for business.