Apple will begin building premium iPhone models in India starting next year. Back in 2017, Apple began building iPhone models in India, including the iPhone SE and later the iPhone 6s. Neither of those devices have proven to be popular in the country and now Apple is doubling down by adding manufacturing for premium models.

Over the past few years, India has imposed high tariffs for imports of smartphones while lowering tariffs on smartphone parts to boost manufacturing in the country. The decision seems to have worked on one of the biggest smartphone makers, Apple, as it tries to gain solid footing in the country.

With the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s failing to catch on, Apple is hoping its more premium devices can turn its fortunes around in one of the biggest markets in the world. 

The only premium iPhone model that has been confirmed to be manufactured in India is the iPhone X. Apple will partner up with its manufacturing partner Foxconn to build the new premium iPhones in India, with the process set to begin in early 2019.