Apple is preparing to simplify its Apple Watch try-on process this week, four months after the device first went on sale, a new report claims. The Cupertino company will start by dropping the appointment requirement for try-on sessions.

Since the Apple Watch was made available for pre-order, fans have had the opportunity to visit their local Apple Store and try on certain models before deciding which one they should buy. However, before turning up at the store, customers needed to book an appointment online.

As of this week, that’s no longer necessary, according to 9to5Mac.

“For this week forward, Apple Stores are speeding up the try-on process by dropping the former appointment requirement and not requiring potential customers to share their information with the store employee,” reads the report.

So, you can now walk into an Apple Store and try on a Watch without booking a session ahead of time. However, if all try-on areas are occupied by customers already, then you’ll have to wait until one becomes available, or come back later.

Customers will still have to provide their email address when they try a Watch on, but this is only so that Apple can save your preferred Watch option to your wishlist on the Apple Online Store to make purchasing easier later on.