Apple will soon begin licensing Apple Watch stands with integrated chargers as part of its "Made for Apple Watch" program, according to sources familiar with its plans. This will pave the way for new stands with charging bases built-in so users don't have to add their own.

There are lots of Apple Watch stands already on the market, and they come with large cutouts that allow you to insert your own charging cable. They work well for the most part, but they're not exactly the most elegant solutions; I've purchased several, and they all seem to have a problem keeping my cable fixed and tidy.

But according to 9to5Mac, we'll soon be able to buy Apple Watch stands with chargers built-in. Just like with its Lightning cable program, Apple will reportedly allow its "MFI suppliers [to] provide access to the charging components for accessory manufacturers to incorporate into their designs."

The Watch charging component is said to look very similar to the bundled charging cables you get with the Watch; a round, magnetic pad to which the Watch attaches and charges — but presumably without the base and cable. Manufacturers will then be able to integrate this into their own solutions without leaving large holes.

"It's still early stages, however, so don't expect to see manufacturers touting integrated chargers for a while," 9to5 adds. But they are on the way, and that's great news for Apple Watch owners.