Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Amsterdam where he has been speaking at Startup Fest about the company’s interests in various projects. In a recent interview, Cook discussed the Apple Watch and hinted a bit about the sort of health focus Apple believes it should have in our lives. The Apple Watch is already capable of tracking some things – steps, for example, or bike rides and jogs – but that’s just scratching the surface. His comments suggest Apple believes the Apple Watch is capable of so much more.

Cook suggested that we as humans need some sort of device that can give us at-a-glance information for what our body needs. “If you drive for a while and your car gets too hot, it says pull over. If you need an oil change, it says check your oil. What’s the equivalent for the body?” Cook said during Startup Fest, according to Bloomberg. “We believe health is a huge issue around the world and we think it’s ripe for simplicity and a new view.”

The problem, of course, is that the current Apple Watch isn’t quite capable enough for providing us with that kind of data. Rumor has it Apple originally intended for the device to be much more health-focused and powerful but may have been held up by the FDA. But Cook suggests Apple is still pushing forward to create a more health-centric product. “The holy grail of the watch is being able to monitor more and more of what’s going on in your body,” Cook explained. “If you could have a device that knew so much about you, it would be incredible, and would extend life and extend quality. I’m not saying one device will do all of that.”

In that quote, Cook may be suggesting that Apple will create a more powerful platform for the Apple Watch that third parties can tap into. Apple HealthKit is one such platform that exists on iOS, and it does allow folks to monitor more granular body stats like blood glucose, but I don’t think we’re quite “there” yet when it comes to the device Cook is describing. Maybe we’ll be one step closer with the Apple Watch 2 later this year.