Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) recently revealed that two new iPhone models were approved for sale in the country. It was one of the first confirmations outside of rumors that Apple is indeed going to sell two new iPhones, dubbed A1586 and A1524 by the NBTC, and Apple was none too pleased about the matter. In fact, according to a report from Thai Rath on Thursday, Apple immediately sat down with the NBTC to discuss the matter.

According to MacRumors, NBTC secretary Takorn Tantasith, who actually tweeted that the iPhone 6 was approved for sale in Thailand, the NBTC doesn’t see anything wrong with its report. Instead, it believes it operated according to standard guidelines and that the information “is not considered a trade secret and Apple only requested for the specification to remain a secret,” the MacRumors commenter, who translated a report, explained. Even though specs weren’t revealed, Apple probably wants to hold as many surprises as it can for the rumored September 9 event, but it also had other issues with the NBTC.

Apparently Apple wanted to make it very clear that it hasn’t confirmed it will definitely use the “iPhone 6” moniker, and that tweeting and publishing information referencing that device could be incorrect. We largely expect the iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen to be marketed as the iPhone 6, though the even larger 5.5-inch model might ship under the iPhone Air name. Despite Cupertino’s frustration with the NBTC, Apple will reportedly still sell both devices in Thailand.