Apple is releasing version 4 of the iOS 5 beta, and with it comes the first test of OTA (over the air) updating.

9to5Mac threw up a screenshot of the notification page, and there are two caveats not listed: All of you pictures will be deleted from your device, and you must have iOS 5 beta 3 installed to take advantage of the OTA feature.  Of course your images are still in iTunes, so it is only the physical device they are being deleted from.  I’m sure this will be dealt with before the final version ships in the fall, but that would be a rather odd problem to have when this first rolls out as it is supposed to do away with the need for cables.

9to5Mac also confirmed that the updated did work over 3G on Verizon, so the support for on-the-go updates is there, but those of you with data caps will definitely have to be mindful when this becomes a regular thing.

There are sure to be all sorts of hidden niftiness in this latest build of iOS 5, and we’ll bring you the highlights as they spill out.

[via 9to5Mac]