Apple is allegedly testing bigger iPhone screens, some as large as six inches, according to the Wall Street Journal. With many companies going big—Sony as big as 6.4-inches—it seems Apple will want to keep pace with the phablet trend. Of course, just because Apple is testing larger iPhone displays doesn't mean the company will move on from four inches. However, it would be mighty difficult to imagine a device such as next year's iPhone 6 not coming with a bigger screen.

WSJ says neither the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S will stray from Apple's 4-inch formula, especially with an announcement imminent. But Apple is at least considering going bigger, though it's unclear what size the company feels is the sweet spot. We heard similar reports about Apple testing larger iPhone screens, so this revelation isn't all that unexpected; it just further adds weight to a rumor that will likely dominate until the iPhone 6 launches next year.

And what better way to introduce a redesigned iPhone next year? Everyone has their preferred sweet spot; it's why Android devices range so widely. Personally, I feel like 4.7-inch devices are in that coveted Goldilocks Zone. Apple has changed screen sizes before, so there's no reason to suggest the company won't do it again. While it's highly unlikely a 6-inch iPhone is in the cards—although, iPhone 6, six inches—perhaps Apple has decided to move on from 4-inch territory. Now we wait for the rear shells to start leaking.