Apple may be testing larger displays for the iPhone and iPad, The Wall Street Journal reported recently after speaking with officials from the company’s Asian suppliers. While the next generation smartphone and tablet from Cupertino are expected to keep the same screen size, the company may introduce larger models in the near future in an attempt to increase its market share.

The WSJ claims that Apple is experimenting with a tablet display just under 13 inches as well as an iPhone measuring over 4 inches diagonally. We wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone 6 introduces a slightly bigger screen, but we’re not so sure about this rumored massive iPad. Of course, just because Apple is experimenting with different sizes doesn’t mean we’ll ever see these devices.

While competing companies such as Samsung continue to flood the market with touchscreen devices of all possible sizes, Apple continues to offer a narrow variety of devices in line with the company’s credo that it knows what’s best for consumers. It’s also a good way to avoid too much fragmentation, especially for developers who need to make apps for every screen size. The company is expected to release two new 4-inch iPhones this fall, including a low-cost option alongside the flagship iPhone 5S, as well as a refreshed 9.7-inch tablet with a significantly thinner body.