Despite recent leaks, Apple is notoriously tight lipped about its product releases, both software and hardware.  Whenever those tidbits of information do become public, it’s usually via a blurry-cam photo, not Apple’s own website.   Presumably, some graphic designer jumped the gun, and iWork ’11 is clearly listed on Jobs & Co’s own downloads page.  As of this posting, the image still live.  Simply head on over here, look at the image to the right, and there you’ll see iWork 2011 listed under categories on the screen shot of the Mac app Store.  While not yet announced, it’s widely been assumed the next iteration of Apple’s Microsoft Office fighter was imminent.

It may not be the Apple leak you were hoping for, but hey, maybe they’ll announce the iPad 2 right along with it?

Not to mention an Amazon ad listing iWork ’11, which takes you to iWork ’09.

So who’s ditching MS Office for this?

[Thanks Michael]