One of the biggest announcements that came of Apple’s education event was the new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support. That in itself isn’t too surprising – it was only a matter of time before Apple Pencil support made its way down to the lower end iPads. What was surprising was Apple teaming up with Logitech to introduce a new Crayon stylus and keyboard case.

Apple seemed content to be the sole supplier of styluses for its iPad until now. The change of heart is both unexpected and welcomed.

The Logitech Crayon is a third party stylus that will function with iPad’s supporting the Apple Pencil. That includes the new 9.7-inch iPad squarely aimed at the education field. It will offer the same functionality as the Apple Pencil with zero perceptible lag and precision down to the pixel. Unlike the Apple Pencil, you will be able to charge the Crayon by inserting a Lightning cable.

What makes the Crayon truly standout, aside from the cool name, is its pricing. It will cost $49, undercutting the Apple Pencil’s $99 pricing. Apple is cognizant that not everybody (let alone students) has $100 lying around to buy a stylus for a tablet. The $49 should make getting iPad styluses into student’s hands easier.

Logitech is continuing to corner the market with marquee third-party iPad accessories with its new rugged keyboard case called the Rugged Combo 2. It’s as rugged as it sounds, protecting the iPad from just about anything you can think a kid will do to a tablet. The one thing Apple did not add to its new iPad was support for the Smart Keyboard. Logitech’s new keyboard will fit that need nicely.

Availability was not announced for the Logitech Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 case. Once more information is available, we’ll let you know.

Update: We got some bad news for you. Logitech is only selling the Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 to education sectors, not actual consumers.